Benefits & features

Improve data collection efficiency with SYNC

Why SYNC for digital forms?

Build an electronic form quickly and easily with SYNC.  Assign to team members to collect information and receive data in real time.


Easy to use form template builder

Build an electronic form quickly and easily with the SYNC web portal.

Simple drag and drop functionality with mobile phone preview function.

Create unlimited paperless forms for your organisation – evaluation forms, assessment forms, checklists, and more.


Smart output allows you to react quickly

Completed mobile forms can be sent to a designated email address as PDF attachment.

Set up regular reporting schedules with completed mobile form excel data.


Brand for your business

Colours, logos and company details – Make it your own.

Form features

Create custom forms, just drag and drop to add more fields. Or choose a form template.

Easy data export to excel

Manually or automate data export to excel.

User roles & form allocation

Set admin roles. Form allocation by role or by person.

GPS & location tracking

Ability to capture your teams location within the form.

User Interface

Whether building or filling in a form, the interface is easy to navigate and use.

Offline data collection

Collect data offline and it will be synced to the server automatically at your next online connection.

Form Customisation

Include photos and on-screen signatures, drop down menus, check boxes and much more!


Generate pdf data reports for review and analysis. Bulk report available from the SYNC dashboard.

How SYNC works

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